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“My journey began over 7 years ago, I’ve always worked with people with a career spanning over 20 years in the beauty industry, but I felt drawn to follow a different path and started to work with massage, yoga, energy work and reiki. Until a live changing experience with Kambo, this plant medicine led me on a path to true healing, and to become a sound healer practitioner. 

I went to Sri Lanka to train with Kambo masters, it was the most amazing experience. I know I had found my true calling in life.

Combined with the magic of Alchemy Crystal bowls it helped me deal with a lot of issues I thought I dealt with but as many of us do, we bury issues deep inside of ourselves.

The dream was to create a space in the UK where people could come and beheld, a place of safety, a place to just be. Pacha Mama Northern Healing Centre is the home of Alchemy Crystal Bowls, one day I would be honoured to welcome you.”  🙏 With love ❤️ and light, Sharon.


Trust your intuition.

Perhaps now more than ever, there exists a constant and dynamic flow of change in our lives. Our lives are fast-paced and pressures are building on all age groups, people are seeking ways to be present, mindful, to create an escape, to recharge and connect with their authentic selves. The unique, heavenly sounds and vibrations from Alchemy Crystal Bowls from Crystal Tones are unmatched. Start your journey and connect with Sharon.   


Sound Healer 

“I’ve been working with sound for over 7 years. The connection I have with, Alchemy Crystal Bowls is a very beautiful one I’ve seen the changes these bowls have made not only to my life but to so many others.”

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Book a free 15-minute discovery call with Sharon to discuss any aspect of working with sound and Alchemy Crystal Bowls. 

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This is a private session for you to discover your personal connection with Alchemy Crystal Bowls, it could be part of your personal healing journey or discuss the different healing properties of the bowls to add to your collection. 

Private Sound Bath

Sharon is available to run private sound bath sessions or small group sessions. Contact for more details.